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Fenix represents constant advancement in illumination technology. Turning precision LEDs into consistent illumination takes the full spectrum of disciplines. Power management extracts (and balances) energy from on-board batteries. Optical engineering focuses LED output on each light’s requirements for distance and dispersion. Ergonomic design puts easily-operated controls in a lightweight package for hand, head or handlebars.

Fenix creates unique lighting products in a company-owned facility under close scrutiny from quality assurance professionals. Unlike contract manufacturers or subcontractors, Fenix owns the performance of each and every light. From owners to employees, the talented team is out to replicate the craftsmen’s eye for function, fit and finish. Those high standards flow from design to production to quality assurance.
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Fenix Lighting PD22 Flashlight 210 Lumens Max
Fenix Lighting PD22 Flashlight (210 Lumens Max, Black) - PD22R5BK
List Price: $73.00
Our Price: $54.95
Savings: $18.05