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The U.S. Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies needed the ultimate, shatterproof eye gear. And so, 25 years ago, Wiley X was born.

They began by creating shatterproof, selenite, polycarbonate lenses. In fact, some models have been tested to withstand a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away. Factor in sleek design and proprietary technology, and their list of admirers has reached international acclaim. Nationally, they're currently a standard issue item with the FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, Navy SEAL Teams and Military Special Forces.

In 1987, Wiley X took their protective eyewear to civilians. Their quality, shatterproof styles lend themselves beautifully to activities where eye protection is essential. Wiley X frames and accessories are now integral to not only the nation’s elite, but also those who hunt, fish and ride motorcycles. And with their smart, modular design, Wiley X glasses shift seamlessly into your daily lifestyle.
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Wiley X Twill Cap
Wiley X Twill Cap (Red) - A538
List Price: $24.00
Our Price: $21.60
Savings: $2.40